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 Member Recognition


SACSPUG is looking for your SharePoint Success Stories. 

Tell us Your Story  - Nobody else Will.

We believe all SharePoint projects are created equally - and therefore, should be given the opportunity to live in the words or those who have had success.

Our mission is to enable you to have success and share your story with the rest of our members and the world!  

The Process

Sharing your stories is easy, fast, fund and free for all!   Do you have a personal SharePoint story that you would like to share?   Would you like to educate the User Group about something you've learned through your experience?  Have you participated in a project and would like to share it?

Please contact us so we can help you share your SharePoint Success.

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 SharePoint Users?


1. How many knowledge workers use your SharePoint Intranet?

 Less than 50
 51 to 250
 251- 1000
 14 (36%) 

Total: 39

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