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SharePoint Opportunities in Sacramento

SharePoint is being used for more and more projects in the greater Sacramento area.  Whether it's an intranet, extranet, public facing portal or executive dashboard, SharePoint's popularity is undeniable.
We all know that some SharePoint projects can require a number of skill sets in order for them to be completed efficiently and effectively.    The purpose of the SACSPUG "Opportunities" section is to connect individuals and organizations responsible for building SharePoint projects with the skilled local talent represented by the SACSPUG members.
SharePoint Projects in the greater Sacramento area and those individuals with SharePoint Talent interested in participating in said projects are what this area is all about.
The SacSPUG SharePoint Projects List
SacSPUG Members looking for full-time, part-time or contractor assistance with SharePoint Projects are encouraged to list those projects here in an effort to make this information available to members of SACSPUG. 
Click here to list your project.
The SACSPUG SharePoint Talent List
SACSPUG members gifted with SharePoint Talent that are available and interested in working on new SharePoint Projects in the greater Sacramento area are encouraged to briefly list your credentials and availability in our SharePoint Talent list. 
Click here to add your availability.


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