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The purpose of the SharePointers portion of the SacSPUG website is to provide an ever-growing  reservoir of resources for the SacSPUG members.

This will include pages dedicated to:
  • White papers
  • Product reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Case studies
  • Videos

In addition to pages dedicated to these resources, a Document Library here will attempt to reach the next level in usefulness. 

Our goal is the implementation of a repository and lending library for some truly valuable business documents that many of us still create from scratch.  Documents that will save our members hours and hours of time.  Examples will include:
  • Proposals
  • Client Contracts
  • RFQ & RFPs
  • Limitations of liability statements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Site and page wireframes
  • Governance Documents
  • Privacy Statements
  • Legal Statements
  • Site Architecture Diagrams
  • ROI analysis worksheets
Clearly this type of the document repository will carry many warning statements and limitations of liability statements conditional for their use.  Anyone using these documents would need to take personal responsibility for validating their accuracy and their legality when considering reusing all or part of them.  Additionally, it would be necessary to remove any and all references to any business entity that might occur in the original version of the documents before submitting the document to the SharePointers library.
But the benefits far outweigh these simple requirements.  The ability to immediately get your hands on a stereotypical nondisclosure agreement, modify it, and quickly get it into the hands of a third party is just a small example of how valuable this type of resource will be. 
We will be relying on the SacSPUG members to help us build this valuable resource as well as help us avoid legal entanglements.


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